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LJV Media

eComm brands above $100k/month
Our Hidden Customer Avatar Script will add an extra $150k MRR within 90 days

How do brands like TrueClassic, Obvi, Ridge Wallet & Hush Blankets keep scaling in 2023 while others struggle to survive?
The ‘Hidden Customer Avatar Script’ that allows brands to add $500k - $1m in extra sales within 6 months

If you run an eCommerce business you have been through a lot in the past 2-3 years:

  • CoVid

  • iOS14.5

  • Supply-chain issues

  • Inflation

  • Recession

it seems like right now we are in the most difficult period to grow an eComm brand.

  • CPA is skyrocketing,

  • CPMs have increased by 82% in the past year,

  • ROAS is below breakeven,

  • and on top of everything most advertising agencies seem to only be interested in making money instead of helping you grow your brand…

yet, despite all difficulties, brands like TrueClassic, Ridge Wallet, Crossnet, Obvi, and Hush Blankets keep growing and hitting record-breaking months at a record-breaking speed.


If that’s something that you want to do as well - exit your brand for multiple 8-figures, stick around because I’m gonna show you how those brands are able to achieve such scale.

You might think that there is a secret to their growth that no one else knows.


You’re right.


These brands are doing something that most people are not.


How do I know?


Well, I’ve worked with them.

Alright guys. My name is Lachezar and I’m the founder of the ad agency LJV Media where we scale eComm brands to multiple 7- and 8-figures through something we call a ‘Hidden Customer Avatar Script’.

We’ve implemented this script for some 7-, 8-, and 9-figure brands like Hush Blankets, Magic Windows, PrettyParty, AvalonKing, Egard Watches, CoraCreaCrafts, ShopCatalog, AirOasis, and many more.

The thing is that it was HARD to get to that level of success.

You see, I was in the same position as you right after iOS14.5 was introduced. As an advertising agency, our No.1 goal is to generate profitable sales for our clients. iOS14.5 though made it look like the end of the world is coming:

  • Our CPA was skyrocketing across the board,

  • the ROAS for our clients was decreasing every single day

  • it got so bad that for weeks I was not able to sleep as I had no idea how to solve those problems and I didn’t want to be one of those agencies that overpromise and underdeliver.


That’s when I started studying the most successful DTC brands trying to understand what helps them grow and that’s when I realized that such a difficult situation offered incredible potential for growth as very few brands were able to adapt fast to the new eco-system of advertising on social media.

That opportunity is still present and the brands that manage to adapt are the ones that see rapid growth while others are struggling to survive.


After I completed my research I saw that the fastest-growing DTC brands were following 3 extremely simple and easy steps.


That’s how I came up with the idea for our ‘Hidden Customer Avatar Script’. When installed into our clients' acquisition systems, it allows to:

  1. Understand who your exact customer is, get to know them better than they know themselves, and learn all the different reasons why they would buy from you.

  2. Create scroll-stopping content that speaks to their exact needs and get to make a buying decision before they have even visited your website! That’s where the magic happens. This is the most important part of the whole process.

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